Monday, 30 July 2012

Artists Bonfire at Islington Mill

Short film of the Artists' Bonfire at Islington Mill. Our collective 'Future Foundations' appears at about 6.05 where Donna is explaining what we are doing. Unfortunately it is rather dark for 'The Head' to be seen pre-burn. But the action is recorded.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

String Theory: Photo Abstractions

I have adapted some of the photos of the Installation piece. They work well as prints. And I have had cards printed using the abstraction of the full finished work.

String Theory: Final Major Project - Installation

On 21st May I wrote in my note book:

"I am creating an installation using cotton thread - weaving two large chip-boards together and possibly some sort of kite motif too. Scary not quite knowing what the final piece will actually be! I think the process is probably something like writing poetry - only with materials and in a 3D space. I seem to have moved towards the idea of installation. A set space (as a parameter and container) for an idea both visual and conceptual. This has been liberating, as it frees me from the idea (held somewhat unconsciously) that I have to paint to be a real artist. I have learnt that I'm not a painter! And I'm not very good at drawing in the traditional sense. However it's exciting to realise that threading cotton across a space IS a form of drawing! For me is suspect that sculpture in its broadest sense is a way forward because it involves a more complete physical engagement. I love dance and feel it brings more of me together, more of my being. And so I have been pondering on the relationship between the body and its expression as art. Obviously dance in itself is an art form. But the body as dancer can also express itself into form through the plastic arts through intimacy with materials, adaptation of space and form and though dynamic play."

Here are the photos of the making of the final construction:

 Threading Guteman Cotton through chip board. Up and down ladders!

 Side views butting up against other students work:

The final piece!

Graph paper

Mirrors & Text

Playing with mirrors and text:

My Studio Desk

March 2011:

Monday, 20 June 2011

Kite & Ring 2

Trying out two kites:

Kite & Ring Sculpture

Combining several elements: embroidered kite, lead kite, embroidery hoop.

Playing with mirrors

Kites: 2 (Installation Maquettes)

I was exploring working with a given space: two 8x4 ft chip-boards at a 90 degree angle.
These are scaled down maquettes trying out possible installations.

None of these made the final piece but I enjoyed playing with ideas and working with the models.

Walking down Oxford Road, I saw an original copy of the Manchester Evening News announcing the death of John Lennon. I bought it for a couple of pounds, photocopied it and incorporated it into one of the models.

Noticing how the kites have a crucifix as part of the structure. Symbol of ascendency?